All I can say is WOW!



You must go to Bullseye Glass Resource Center and take advantage of one of their glass courses! Bullseye is located at 115 Hoyt Avenue, in , New York. The building houses a small gallery, a glass warehouse, and a large studio space. The instructors are extremely supportive and enjoy teaching their techniques to the public.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop this past December, and was WOW-ed by what I learned. During the workshop I learned how to use the powder printing technique, a screen printing method that uses dry glass powder to create images with rich textures and colors.  I left the workshop with  four 4”-square glass coasters.  It was a totally new experience for me, and has made me want to go back….very soon!

There are two very important children’s workshops scheduled for this winter.

The first class is Portraits in Glass, being held on 2/19/2014. This workshop is for children ages, 6-8. This workshop starts at 10 AM and ends at noon. Children ages, 9-11 can attend the same workshop, from 2 PM to 4PM. If you cannot make it to one of the workshops in February, they are being held again on 3/22/2014.

Visit the website,, for more information and registration details.



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