Fun Chinese New Year Projects!

Total Time 1 to 2 hours
Ages school-age

Celebrate Chinese New Year by crafting this mini version of the monster-size dragon used during holiday parades and festivities. 

What you’ll need

  • Craft foam
  • Colored glitter glue
  • Wired ribbon
  • Tacky glue

How to make it

  1. Use our template to cut out the body shapes from different colors of craft foam. Decorate the shapes with colored glitter glue and let them dry.
  2. Cut a length of wired ribbon (ours is about 3 1/2 feet long by 2 1/2 inches wide). Lay it flat and use tacky glue to attach the body shapes. Be sure the glue is dry before curling the ribbon.
  3. Dragon template  –




We love celebrating holidays in our house! I did this super cute project with my younger two girls. They had lots of questions about Chinese New Year, and I got to learn a lot as I researched the answers to their questions. Art has such a wonderful way of teaching about life!!!

::12×18 paper
::Paint–we used red, yellow, orange and green
::google eyes (optional)
::little hands that are willing to get messy

First, we looked at pictures of a traditional Chinese New Year dragon costume. We talked about the bright colors, and how the person wears it, and the parades they dance in. Have your child draw a line on their paper that mimics the curves of the long dragon.

Next, we are going to “follow” the line with our hands. Do this first withOUT paint. Next, you will help the child paint colors (one at a time) on their hands and they can continue to follow the line.

For the head, we just painted the palms of the hand.

To finish with the legs and the furs around the head, the girls dipped just their fingers in to paint these parts.

After it was dry, they went back in with a white crayon and drew teeth. We also added google eyes on pom-poms. This part can be omitted–gives it a bit more of a “crafty” look, but the girls loved it!!!



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